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Furnishing Our Coffee Roasting Business

guitar, coffee, beansSo it's been a little over a year since we opened our espresso bar and coffee roasting business. There is so much to say and so little time to say it, that I will be brief. The short video at the end of this post will give you a better idea of the amount of work we have put into this coffee business to get it off the ground.

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When we acquired this bank building, all the furniture that was in it came with the property. This was great because Monte and I took all the office desks and repurposed them into this cool looking espresso bar.

vintage coffee roaster

Our 1914 Royal coffee roasters before we rebuilt it.

Our Vintage Royal #1 Coffee Roaster

We were so lucky to find this Royal coffee roaster on craigslist! It seemed to be one of those "meant to be" moments. The roaster was inoperable and had been for over 50 years. We put a considerable amount of time in taking the roaster totally apart and worked with a local high end body shop to have all the parts sandblasted and then copper plated. The aluminum outer covering had to be planished to remove the dents and heavy scratches. The wooden base was another time consuming job in that we needed to preserve the original lettering while sanding out the old finish and reapplying a dark stain and clear urethane protective coating.

Portable Royal Coffee Roaster

There is so much work that went into rebuilding this coffee roaster, that I'm going to have to make another blog post to explain the intricacies of the build and functioning of this vintage roaster.

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The Completed & Updated Coffee Roaster

Here is a picture of the completed coffee roaster in progress of roasting a 10 pound batch of Ethiopian coffee. We updated this vintage roaster with 2 heat probes, an Arduino usb interface, and Artisan software to allow us to log and control our favorite roast profiles. Note that we are roasting outdoors under a canopy. Something that state and local codes allow us to do. That is why the coffee roaster was redesigned to be on a pull along cart. Folks in this historic town love the smell of coffee while it is being roasted and our customers like being able to come outside on our deck to see the process of artisan roasted specialty coffee.

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