HELLO WORLD!  We are  SMALL TOWN COFFEE ROASTERS and we are passionate about coffee, but we are equally passionate about the world around us.  We originally chose our name as a play on the "Small Town Friendly" motto of our community here in Rutherford County, NC but the name also reflects a set of ideals which serve as the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

Small Town Friendly Sign


We think that coffee should be able to speak for itself.  That's why you will not find a bunch of crazy sounding drinks flavored with syrups and spices on our menu.  Instead, you will find a few different kinds of coffee drinks and several kinds of specialty coffee.  You see, the specialty coffees of the world each have something special to bring to the table. 


Whether you prefer the bright floral notes in a Kenyan to the spicy notes of a Honduran, or the sweet and complex flavors of a medium roast to the bolder flavor of a dark roast, we will take the time to make sure that you find your perfect cup of coffee.  Whether you're stopping in for your afternoon caffeine fix or shopping for a bag of fresh roasted coffee beans, we want to help you find coffee nirvana.

Enrique traveling through Sedona in search of the perfect cup of coffee

Enrique on his overland trek throughout Mexico, Central America, & the west coast finding great coffee along the way.


In a small town, we have to rely on each other.  In building our coffee shop, we asked ourselves what we could do to create a safe, fun, and family friendly atmosphere. We are working with community on a daily basis. Check out our blog for updates on what we are up to.

Enrique is the owner of SMALL TOWN COFFEE ROASTERS, a specialty coffee business roasting single origin coffees from around the world on a daily basis. COME VISIT US in downtown Rutherfordton, NC. We're located at 116 West Court Street. If you want to see a map or get directions to our coffee shop go here.

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